The Best Black-Owned Skin Care Brand of 2020

Mocha Whip is the best black-owned, woman-owned, family-run and operated body butter brand of 2020.

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Q: Tell us about your business. What inspired you to get into it, what you sell/service you offer, what makes your business stand out and how it impacts you, your community or the environment.

A: Mocha Whip was inspired by my personal desire to unapologetically celebrate "me" time moments in the simplest most indulgent way possible. Our body care is just as enticing and indulgent as it is incredibly nourishing and honest.

We handcraft all of our products without testing on animals or including any animal byproducts in our recipes. Each jar of Mocha Whip contains pure vegan ingredients derived from nature, then whipped to perfection to ensure you get the most out of each of our recipes.

Q: Tell us about your success as a black-owned body butter brand.

A: Mocha Whip caught the attention of quite a few big names in natural skin care. From Clean Beauty Mart to Whole Foods. We have had our greatest success with Whole Foods as we just kept selling out in their stores. But our start was online at Our customers have grown with us as we improved our brand.

Q: Tell us about your products. What's so special about them?

mocha whip black owned body butterA: Mocha Whip is not another cream in a jar. We don't preach about exotic ingredients and magical formulations. Our products are super simple. The recipes have restorative properties that our customers love, simply because we preserve the natural vitamins and antioxidants that already exist in our raw butters and oils. We are also passionate about  including as much of every ingredient as possible. It's common in this industry to add a drop of every trending ingredient possible to increase sales. We don't do that. We include just a few ingredients per jar so you get the most of the ones we've chosen. 

Q: What ingredients do you use?

A: Mocha Whip's whippies, swirlies, softies and butter balls are primarily raw unrefined wildcrafted shea butter. With our whippies we also add cold pressed grapeseed oil and vitamin e. Our swirlies also have a touch of dark cocoa butter swirled in. The look of our products is what really catches everyone attention. Each jar has a super yummy appeal.

Q: Where can we purchase Mocha Whip?

A: Mocha Whip is available at and at Whole Foods stores anywhere in Florida. We will be expanding to more states very soon.




I just used my African black soap bar. My face is soft and feels so clean and the size of my pores are visibly smaller. I also purchased the Shea butter softie and it is highly recommend.

Dommyb24 April 09, 2020

ok I’m liking this! I just made a purchase. It’s so good to see your journey. I feel it. Keep growing and glowing! I love shea butter so can’t wait to receive my first order!

liana February 18, 2020

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