Humble Beginnings

As told by our founder, Melissa Troupe:

Mocha Whip was inspired by my personal desire to unapologetically celebrate "me" time moments. These were the moments that were the first thing lost when my family fell on hard times. We simplified our personal care routines to using only single ingredient, multi-use items. Oh how I missed my silly little pampering routine. Ironically though, using single ingredient personal care began working wonders for my skin and hair. Through this, I learned the true value of simplification. As I birthed Mocha Whip, I paired that simplification with the sweet indulgence that I missed the most. And thus, Mocha Whip was born!

Our Promise

We are absolutely devoted to making better body care that’s just as enticing and indulgent as it is incredibly nourishing and honest. We are passionate about the safety and well being of all people and animals, so we handcraft all of our products without testing on animals or including any animal byproducts in our recipes. , Each jar of Mocha Whip contains pure vegan ingredients derived from nature, then whipped to perfection to ensure you get the most out of each of our recipes.

Our Products

Our whips and butters have a uniquely smooth texture that feels almost as good as it smells. Ohhh... the smlavors! So yummy! We only use therapeutic grade, phthalate-free vegan fragrances and essential oils to create an indulgent aroma you can truly feel. As you browse through our ingredients, you may notice the absence of a long list of chemicals and synthetics. That’s the core of our mission. Our products range from one to ten ingredients. We really want to show just how indulgent and nourishing these simple little body care recipes can be.