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Pure Shea Butter Swirlie, Almond Delight


Almond Delight

I’m the real mvp, so addicting and sweet. Let me be your almond joy. You know you deserve a treat.

• totally vegan • handmade in FL, USA • sustainable • recyclable

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why you’ll crave it

This 100% natural unrefined shea butter has been drizzled with a dash of raw dark cocoa butter. It looks and feels so incredibly amazing. The cookie dough texture just slathers onto skin and hair with such lusciousness. You’ll be dreaming of honey dipped almonds while you use it. Our pressed shea butter is packed full of nourishing ingredients naturally – no need to fortify it with anything it doesn’t naturally come with. It is just as nourishing and delectable as nature intended it.
We mixed fresh unrefined ivory shea butter with a dash of dark cocoa butter and the perfect blend of essential oils and natural fragrance and hand poured them in to jars ready for you to enjoy.


shea butter is intensely moisturizing and healing for even the most sensitive skin types. In fact, it is best used to nourish chronic dry or irritated skin. Shea butter is organic by nature. It comes from the shea nut that grows on the karite tree in Ghana. Mocha Whip sources directly from Kumasi, Ghana dealing directly with our shea sisters and brothers to ensure they get the best possible compensation for their handcrafted raw butters. Our unrefined shea butter has five principal fatty acids: palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and arachidic , all saturated fatty acids with skin healing benefits.


Believe it or not, cocoa butter in it’s rawest form is actually very dark brown because it hasn’t been through the roasting process that separates the cocoa butter from the bean. Dark cocoa butter specifically is loaded with rich antioxidants and caffeine beneficial for stimulating the skin, fighting signs of aging and minimizing damage from free radicals. Our unrefined dark cocoa butter is full of vitamins and saturated fats that your skin and hair will love.

At Mocha Whip, we source our dark cocoa butter from the fruit of the cacao tree in Ghana. We drizzle this relatively hard butter lightly into our pure shea to create a super sexy, ultra-nourishing butter blend. That is easy to apply and and even easier to enjoy.

simple Ingredients:
unrefined shea butter, raw dark cocoa butter, essential oils, natural fragrance

oh, the many uses

  • use as a body butter
  • massage it in on wet or dry skin. It’s a great after-shower moisturizer. It’s also intensely repairing, so applying liberally to feet then sleeping in socks allows the butters to penetrate and restore dry, cracked itchy skin amazingly well. Please note a little goes a looong way, seriously. So scoop a little at a time, and enjoy. Warning: the air-light texture is addicting.
  • use as a makeup remover
  • melt away makeup with ease. Even waterproof eyeliner and brow gels melt of with ease using our shea butter swirlie.
  • use as a hair moisturizer
  • this is a go-to hair-sealant for curly girls. Since this is pure shea and oil use this on wet hair only. Dampen your hair with water then seal in the moisture with this whippie dream. Perfect for wash-n-go’s, braids, cornrows, twists, twistouts and any other natural style your heart desires.
  • use as a deep conditioning treatment
  • for all hair types use this as a temporary deep conditioning treatment to nourish your hair inside and out. After shampooing, slather your hair with this lusciousness, leave in for at least 5 minutes, then rinse. If you want to kick up the reparative super powers, leave it in over night under a shower cap. Or leave in for 15 minutes under the dryer.
  • Enjoy! (ummm… don’t eat it)
We know you will be tempted, but resist the urge… don’t eat it.
Apply on small area to test for skin sensitivities before applying all over.

Simple Ingredients

  • unrefined shea butter
  • raw dark cocoa butter
  • phthalate free fragrance



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  1. stayyyysexy72

    I love them all I ordered the trial size just to see which ones I wanted & they all smell delish

    Whippie Mocha Minis – Sample Everything!

  2. dr.moco

    I absolutely love it!! Still trying to pick my favorite! Thank you so much 💋❤️

    Pure Shea Butter Softie, Almond Delight

  3. camille_monique80

    This is the best body butter I have tried in years!!!! Way better than I expected! Worth the wait!

    Shea Butter Whippie, Almond Delight

  4. jds_treasures

    All smells 😍😍😍😍 and works amazing

    Pure Shea Butter Softie, Bday!

  5. sandra_osgood

    I love your products sooooo much. Don’t ever change or leave! I have never had skin so amazingly soft and silky before and the smell is off the chain. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Pure Shea Butter Softie, Peppermint Mocha

  6. dan_danny_daniel_kev

    Received my first order thru Amazon and I am in love with this product… will be traveling to West Palm Beach to Earth Fare to purchase more tomorrow

    Shea Butter Whippie, Almond Delight

  7. keelieperez

    I just want to open the lid and jump inside

    Shea Butter Whippie, Lavender Dream

  8. byarsfirm

    Lady I got my shea bday whippie today. I smell like a birthday cake and the quality is outrageously good. You are amazing and a blessing. Thank you. 💜👊👊🔥🔥

    Shea Butter Whippie, Bday!

  9. wandasworld963_

    This was worth the wait! #todaysdelivery 😍🚚📬📦🙌🙌😁😁Oh. My. Goodness! ❤❤#gingerbread#bday #vanillachai my favs so far.

    Pure Shea Butter Softie, Gingerbread

  10. aggiebb1

    The Gingerbread is Amazing! I guess you don’t have any left over from the fall that you need to sell for spring cleaning?

    Pure Shea Butter Softie, Gingerbread

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