Shea Body Swirlie, Almond Delight

This 100% natural unrefined shea butter has been swirled with raw dark cocoa butter. It looks and feels so incredibly amazing. The whipped shea butter texture just slathers onto skin and hair with such lusciousness. 
Our whipped shea butter is packed full of nourishing ingredients naturally - no need to fortify it with anything it doesn't naturally come with. It is just as nourishing and delectable as nature intended it.
We mixed fresh unrefined ivory shea butter with a dash of dark cocoa butter and the perfect blend of essential oils and natural fragrance and hand poured them in to jars ready for you to enjoy.


This indulgent aroma has sweet top notes of almond followed by a light cherry base note.

Shea Benefits

Shea butter is intensely moisturizing and healing for even the most sensitive skin types. In fact, it is best used to nourish chronic dry or irritated skin. Shea butter is organic by nature. It comes from the shea nut that grows on the karite tree in Ghana. Mocha Whip sources directly from Kumasi, Ghana dealing directly with our shea sisters and brothers to ensure they get the best possible compensation for their handcrafted raw butters. Our unrefined shea butter has five principal fatty acids: palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and arachidic , all saturated fatty acids with skin healing benefits.

Cocoa Butter Benefits

Believe it or not, cocoa butter in it's rawest form is actually very dark brown because it hasn’t been through the roasting process that separates the cocoa butter from the bean. Dark cocoa butter specifically is loaded with rich antioxidants and caffeine beneficial for stimulating the skin, fighting signs of aging and minimizing damage from free radicals. Our unrefined dark cocoa butter is full of vitamins and saturated fats that your skin and hair will love.

At Mocha Whip, we source our dark cocoa butter from the fruit of the cacao tree in Ghana. We drizzle this relatively hard butter lightly into our pure shea to create a super sexy, ultra-nourishing butter blend. That is easy to apply and and even easier to enjoy.


mocha whip vegan peta

5 simple ingredients:

  1. unrefined butyrospermum (shea) parkii
  2. theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter
  3. tapioca flour
  4. phthalate free fragrance
  5. * cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon) essential oil

* contains cinnamon essential oil

Be sure to patch test first.

Use for daily skin moisture and night time restorative moisture.

    Massage into wet or dry skin daily or nightly for fast-absorbing ultra-softening results. Please note a little goes a long way, seriously. So scoop a little at a time, and enjoy. Warning: the rich texture is addicting.

    All fragrances can be used on body or face except for Vanilla Chai. This fragrance contains cinnamon essential oil which an possibly be too potent for facial application.

    Be sure to patch test first to ensure your skin agrees with the ingredients and essential oils used in our recipes.

      Use as the ultimate restorative foot treatment
        At night, massage a generous amount onto wet or dry feet, add socks, and go to bed. The ultra-softening and repairing will work its "magic" as you sleep. You should notice wonderful softening and restorative results from consistent use.
          We know you will be tempted, but resist the urge... don't eat it. 
          Apply on small area to test for skin sensitivities before applying all over.

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